President Alvi underscores importance of disability inclusivity

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ISLAMABAD: In a significant development, a delegation from the Center for Peace and Development Initiatives recently convened with President Arif Alvi to discuss and highlight the specific needs and challenges faced by individuals with disabilities.

During the meeting, the delegation conveyed comprehensive information to President Arif Alvi, shedding light on the distinct requirements and issues confronting disabled individuals in the country. President Arif Alvi, in response, underscored the critical importance of enhancing infrastructure to improve the mobility and accessibility of persons with disabilities.

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In his remarks, President Arif Alvi advocated for the construction of functional ramps at markets and public spaces dedicated to special needs individuals. Emphasizing the necessity of focusing on measures to increase access to assistive technology, the President urged concerted efforts to address the unique requirements of people with disabilities.

Furthermore, President Arif Alvi stressed the significance of leveraging digital technology to broaden access to knowledge and information for individuals with special needs. He underscored the need for the implementation of job quotas for people with disabilities in both the public and private sectors, emphasizing the importance of creating equal opportunities for this demographic.

In a bid to promote the economic independence of individuals with disabilities, President Arif Alvi called for facilitating the provision of skills training and financial loans. The meeting concluded with a collective commitment to working towards a more inclusive and supportive environment for the disabled community, aligning with broader efforts to ensure equal opportunities and rights for all citizens.

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