Police issue motorcycle, rickshaw licences to transgender persons

transgender persons

RAJANPUR: In a groundbreaking development, the Rajanpur police have issued motorcycle and rickshaw licences to transgender persons for the first time.

The initiative is aimed at providing transgender persons with opportunities for dignified employment.

The Rajanpur police have not only granted licences but also provided training to transgender persons on riding motorcycles and driving rickshaws. The move marks a significant step towards inclusivity and empowerment.

Transgender individuals, known as “Khawaja Saras,” have faced discrimination and marginalization for a long time.

Transgender people regain legal recognition in Pakistan

They have often resorted to begging on the streets to make a living. However, the police’s recent efforts aim to change this narrative.

After successfully passing the traffic police’s driving test, transgender persons expressed their determination to obtain licences as a means to earn an honorable livelihood. They emphasized that their primary goal is to earn a respectable income.

The decision to issue licences to transgender persons highlights the police’s commitment to provide equal opportunities and recognition to all members of society, regardless of their gender identity.

Transgender activists welcomed the move, saying it was a relief for the marginalised community that often faces discrimination and violence in the country.

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