PM says will send summary for dissolution of NA tomorrow

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Tuesday confirmed that he will send a summary to the president, seeking the dissolution of the National Assembly.

“After completing our [government’s] term tomorrow, I will write and send [the advice] to the president to dissolve the assembly and then an interim government will take over,” he said while addressing the launching ceremony of a project to solarise 100,000 agricultural tube wells across the country.

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The PM disturbed solar tube well certificates to Islamabad-based farmers. At the occasion, he said that with the IMF’s disapproval of subsidies for the agriculture and industrial sectors, turning to solar energy remained the sole path to achieve cost reduction and decrease reliance on expensive imported oil.

After the dissolution of the assembly, a caretaker government will have 90 days to hold the general election.


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