PM inaugurates Bhara Kahu Bypass

Islamabad roads

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Thursday inaugurated the development projects of Bhara Kahu Bypass and Serena Chowk Underpass.

A foundation laying ceremony was held for the Serena Chowk Underpass. The premier also held talks with Islamabad’s Commissioner, discussing the projects’ contract details and the pace of development works.

The PM stressed the importance of speeding up progress, under the supervision of the Capital Development Authority (CDA).

The Serena Chowk Underpass project plans to widen Srinagar Highway near Serena Chowk and build a single-barrel underpass.

According to reports, the construction design expands the highway from the 7th Avenue Interchange to Serena Chowk.

Currently, prolonged traffic signals at the junction have been causing traffic jams, creating problems for motorists during rush hours. CDA has been receiving complaints for several years about this. The underpass is designed to help ease traffic.

The Bhara Kahu Underpass, meanwhile, is a roadway project in Islamabad. It was completed in nine months and its total cost was over six billion rupees. Work on the project started in October 2022.

It includes a 5.4 kilometre long bypass and 1350 metres long overhead bridge. This bypass will facilitate people of Murree, Galiyat and Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

Earlier, CDA also approved hiring a consultant to conduct a feasibility study for the Sector I-11 National Bus Terminal. There were also plans to complete six parking plazas this year, to provide parking facilities for visitors in the capital’s busiest commercial areas.

Each parking plaza will reportedly have shopping areas, food courts, and cinemas to attract customers. The preliminary design includes each parking plaza having 5 to 8 floors, and environmentally friendly rooftops.

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