PIA’s financial crisis disrupts domestic flight operations


KARACHI: The financial woes of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) have taken a toll on domestic flight operations, resulting in a series of cancellations that have inconvenienced travelers.

In total, 16 flights scheduled to depart from Karachi to various cities have been abruptly canceled, leaving passengers stranded and frustrated. Notably, several flights between Karachi and Islamabad were affected.

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Among the disrupted flights are the following:

Karachi to Islamabad: Flights PK300, PK308, and PK340 have been cancelled, causing significant inconvenience for travelers heading to the capital city.

Islamabad to Karachi: Flights PK301 and PK369 from Islamabad to Karachi have been cancelled, adding to the disruptions in intercity travel.

Lahore to Karachi: Two flights, PK303 and PK307, originating in Lahore and bound for Karachi, are also among those cancelled.

Karachi to Lahore: Three Karachi-to-Lahore flights, PK302, PK304, and PK306, were unexpectedly called off, compounding the challenges for domestic air travelers.

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Furthermore, PIA’s financial crisis affected several bilateral flights connecting Karachi to cities like Gwadar, Bahawalpur, and Faisalabad, with all six flights cancelled. Travel to and from Lahore and Islamabad to Quetta was also disrupted, with four flights cancelled.

The airline’s financial turmoil even extended to international routes, as two flights connecting Islamabad to Jeddah faced cancellations. Additionally, flight PK288, which was set to fly from Doha to Islamabad, was among those adversely impacted by PIA’s ongoing financial challenges.

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