PU employees protest amidst non-payment of salaries

peshawar university salaries

PESHAWAR:  Peshawar University (PU) is in the midst of a salary crisis as employees, including teachers and Class 4 and 3 staff, have not been paid for November and December.

The situation escalated despite a deadline passing for salary payments.

The Teachers Association, representing the frustrated employees, says they’ll decide on the next steps today as they grapple with the reality of not getting paid.

A big part of the problem is that the annual budget for Jamia Peshawar(PU) hasn’t been approved. The university administration explains that because the budget didn’t get the green light during a Senate meeting, there isn’t enough money to pay everyone.

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“The annual budget of Jamia Peshawar has not been passed, there is no money,” says the administration. They made it clear that salaries won’t be paid until the budget gets approved.

This financial roadblock not only affects the workers who are struggling without their salaries but also raises worries about how it might disrupt things at the university.

All eyes are now on the Teachers Association as they decide what to do next in this tough financial situation at Peshawar University.


The University of Peshawar is currently facing a severe financial crisis, raising concerns about its ability to fulfill its commitment of paying employee salaries.

According to a letter written by Vice Chancellor Professor Jahan Bakht, the university finds itself in urgent need of a staggering Rs320 million. Without this it will not be able to meet its financial obligations in the immediate future.

Out of this sum, Rs200 million is earmarked for employee salaries and Rs35 million to cover mounting electricity bills. The university’s financial woes extend to pension payments, necessitating Rs100 million. An additional Rs20 million for various other expenses is also required.

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