Peshawar entrepreneur honoured for heroic sacrifice in Canada

Canada Pakistan Peshawar

By Tariq Waheed

PESHAWAR: A young entrepreneur from Peshawar, Raza Aziz, made headlines in Canada after sacrificing his life in a remarkable act of bravery last week.

Aziz, 35, tragically drowned while attempting to rescue a trapped family’s boat in a lake in Saskatoon, Canada. His body was retrieved by rescue workers at 7 in the morning after looking for it throughout the night.

According to reports, he successfully pulled the family to safety but became ensnared in underwater vegetation and was unable to free himself.

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The Canadian media has widely celebrated the courage and humanitarian spirit of the Pakistani national. Raza’s funeral in Canada drew a significant turnout from the local Pakistani community.



Aziz had relocated to Canada from Pakistan just three months ago, with his wife and children, carrying high hopes of a better life. According to his uncle, Asif Aziz, he was on a lakeside outing with family and friends when the incident occurred.

“The woman on the boat, in distress, cried out for assistance and Raza, did not hesitate to help,” he told HUM News.

Meanwhile, Raza’s grieving family in Peshawar is trying to find solace in the fact that he put his life at risk for a higher cause.

“Our family member has set an extraordinary example of humanity, making us forever proud.”

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