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Party leaders in hiding to submit election papers soon: PTI chief

Intra-party polls

PESHAWAR: In a media talk held today, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Barrister Gauhar Ali Khan addressed the ongoing intra-party Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) case, expressing disappointment at the ECP’s lack of response.

The court, in response to the party’s concerns, has requested a copy of the answer, and PTI leaders are hopeful for a fair resolution. Barrister Gauhar emphasised the party’s reliance on the judicial system, stating, “We have hopes from the court.”

Highlighting the significance of PTI’s bat election symbol, Gauhar warned against potential horse trading if it were to be taken away, revealing the party’s six-month-long struggle to retain the symbol. PTI claims to be a 70 percent-popular party and boasts conducting the most transparent intra-party elections among Pakistan’s 174 parties.

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Addressing concerns about the party’s stance on the judiciary, Gauhar clarified, “PTI has never spoken against the judiciary on any forum,” and commended the fair role played by the Peshawar High Court (PHC) in the matter.

Expressing reservations about the impartiality of the Deputy Commissioner and administration, PTI has formally requested the judiciary’s supervision in conducting elections in Peshawar High Court and Lahore High Court.

Gauhar stated, “Every decision of the Supreme Court is acceptable to us,” urging the court to issue orders for transparent elections. PTI’s active workers and supporters eagerly await the electoral process, with Gauhar reassuring, “Our workers and supporters are very active, and waiting for elections.”

Emphasising the responsibility of the ECP in ensuring fair elections, Gauhar directed a message to the five people overseeing the process, “25 crore people’s eyes are on you. Ensuring transparent elections is your constitutional responsibility.”

In a final note, Gauhar revealed that PTI leaders currently in hiding due to the prevailing situation will soon submit their papers for the upcoming elections.

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