Pakistan’s climate adaptation key to Indus Basin resilience: PM Kakar

PM Kakar

DUBAI (APP): Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaarul Haq Kakar emphasized on Sunday that adapting Pakistan to climate change is crucial for the Indus Basin to withstand the impacts of climate, as a majority of the population is connected to the river.

He stated that Pakistan’s climate challenge is primarily a water challenge requiring immediate attention.

Addressing an event on the ‘Living Indus Initiative’ at the Pakistan Pavilion during the United Nations’ 28th Conference of Parties (COP 28), the prime minister highlighted that Pakistan ranks as the 8th most vulnerable country globally to the impacts of climate change.

He described ‘Living Indus’ as an umbrella initiative aimed at restoring the ecological health of the Indus within the boundaries of Pakistan, which is highly vulnerable to climate change. The government, he emphasized, has clear priorities with ‘Living Indus.’

“This umbrella initiative emerges from extensive consultations with stakeholders, resulting in a set of 25 living interventions that emphasize nature-based solutions and ecosystem-based adaptation approaches,” he explained.

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The prime minister stressed that the crucial aspect of the ‘Living Indus’ initiative is to mobilize a movement that prepares and restores a healthy Indus for today and the future.

“We are here to collaborate and give voice to our rivers. The Indus river needs a voice, and we are here to give it that voice. If we do not take care of it, it will not be there to take care of us,” he remarked.

Highlighting the financial aspect, he suggested, “We need a minimum indicative investment of between US$11 to 17 billion over the next 15 years, mobilizing from the public sector, private sector, citizens, and communities.”

He announced the launch of ‘Recharge Pakistan’ as the first concrete step towards the ‘Living Indus,’ with an international climate finance of nearly $78 million. This flagship project is central to efforts in reducing future flooding and drought impacts.

The ‘Recharge Pakistan’ project under the ‘Living Indus’ framework aims not only to benefit millions of citizens but also to serve as a model for climate innovation on a global scale.

PM Kakar also called upon various stakeholders, including scholars, architects, poets, and literary figures, to contribute to global efforts in addressing the climate change issue by raising their voices in articles, sermons, addresses, and poetry.

Later, speaking to the students of Pakistan’s orphan school KORT Education, who won the prestigious Zayed Sustainability Prize at COP28, the prime minister expressed pride, stating that the students have made every Pakistani, including himself, proud with their remarkable achievements.

He emphasized the exceptional talent of the new generation and the importance of providing them with proper attention for the future of the country.”

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