Pakistan to launch 5G mobile services in August 2024

5G Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan is gearing up to launch 5G mobile phone connectivity in August 2024, according to the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication.

According to media report, this announcement comes as a response to the growing demand for faster and more advanced telecommunications services.

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The ministry has unveiled a comprehensive business plan for the launch of 5G services in the country. The plan includes hiring an international consultant to provide guidance for the project, forming an Inter-Ministerial Advisory Committee to shape the future of 5G in Pakistan, and developing an auction policy and business plan.

The government will also take inspiration from successful models in countries like Bangladesh for the spectrum auction process. Importantly, the plan emphasises that spectrum allocation will not be granted to any single operator without a competitive process to ensure fairness and promote a competitive environment.

Before the auction of the coveted 600 MHz spectrum, the business plan outlines the need for substantial reforms in the telecom sector. This includes addressing ongoing court cases related to spectrum allocation and creating incentives for telecom operators to participate actively in the auction.

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To further encourage the expansion of 5G services, the business plan includes provisions for facilitating the opening of Letter of Credits (LC) and laying fiber optic cables.

The launch of 5G services in Pakistan is a pivotal moment in technological advancement. It is expected to revolutionize the way people communicate and consume content. 5G will also enable new and innovative applications in areas such as healthcare, education, and transportation. – INP

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