Cost of living: Pakistan tops the list of cheapest countries on stats website

cheap pakistan

ISLAMABAD: The World of Statistics has declared Pakistan as the cheapest country to live in.

According to website “World Statistic”, low cost of living, utility items, accommodation and purchasing power of common people made Pakistan as the cheapest country.

Earlier in March 2023, world largest data base also declared Pakistan as cheapest country to live.

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Pakistan has been consistently ranked as cheapest country by various organizations.

Pakistan is among those countries whose residents have better living facilities despite economic difficulties.

In the list, countries like Nigeria, Libya, Syria and Kenya have also been declared as expensive compared to Pakistan in terms of living.

According to Pakistan Television news website, the report says, global statistics, inflations in Venezuela stood at 398 percent, Syria 252 percent, Lebanon 139 percent, Turkiye 47.83 percent, Egypt 36.5 percent and Pakistan 26.89 percent.

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