Pakistan enforces critical health protocols for air travel

international health regulations

KARACHI: In a bid to safeguard public health and ensure the implementation of international health regulations, all inbound and outbound flights are mandatory to submit a disinfection certificate of aircraft to the Border Health Services (BHS).

According to media reports, the director of BHS called an emergency meeting with the management of all airports in the country to ensure the implementation of the International Health Regulation, 2005.

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The meeting was held at BHS headquarters in Karachi, presided by the BHS Director and attended by the station managers of operational International and Domestic airlines.

The meeting members decided to implement the International Health Regulation, 2005 at all the International Airports across the Pakistan to combat the potential health risks.

The authorities made it compulsory to sign the health certificate by the responsible officials as well as pilots, before the departure of any international flight. Furthermore, ensuring that the aircraft are thoroughly disinfected, binding to specified standards and protocols has also been made mandatory. The passengers are obligated to submit a Personal Health Declaration Form as part of the travelling process which will play a crucial part in monitoring and managing the health concerns during the flight. – INP

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