Pak Army, FC North use hydroelectric power to light remote KP

hydroelectric power KP

RAWALPINDI: Pakistan Army and Frontier Corps North are working together to provide essential facilities in the border regions of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

With the support of the KP govt, three hydroelectric turbines have been installed in the Elum Valley of Buner.

This installation has ensured a continuous power supply to 1500 homes in the region, which had been without electricity for the past seventy years.

A 150-kilowatt hydroelectric turbine has been set up, providing electricity to 500 homes in Ellum Kalay and Karapa Kalay.

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Additionally, a 200-kilowatt hydroelectric turbine is now supplying electricity to 500 homes in Jobra Kalay and Sheen Dhand.

Moreover, a 250-kilowatt hydroelectric turbine in Elum has started providing electricity to 500 homes in Char Kalay.

Despite the remote and challenging nature of these areas, the Pakistan Army and Frontier Corps North have successfully completed tasks.

This includes installing turbines, transformers, and poles for pedestrian transmission lines, laying transmission lines in streams, and using winching to transfer heavy pipes. The local population expresses gratitude for these efforts. – INP

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