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TEPA constructs only one pedestrian bridge in Lahore over last five years

pedestrian bridge Lahore

LAHORE: The Traffic Engineering & Transport Planning Agency (TEPA) has only constructed one single pedestrian bridge over the past five years in Lahore.

Pedestrians in Lahore are encountering challenges on signal-free roads due to the absence of government-provided facilities.

Although the provincial government initially planned to construct five pedestrian bridges, the project has encountered delays. While construction commenced on the bridges at Liberty Chowk, Wahdat Road, Allah Ho Chowk, and Faiz Avenue, the projects remain unfinished.

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The pedestrian bridges at Allah Ho Chowk and Wahdat Road are incomplete, and two pedestrian bridges on Sagian Road also await finalisation. This incomplete state of affairs leaves pedestrians in limbo, navigating the city without the intended safety measures.

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