Old enmity claims three lives

old enmity

LAHORE: Three lives were tragically lost as a longstanding feud erupted in violence, resulting in deadly incidents in Khanewal and Ahmad Pur Sharqia.

In Khanewal, a vehicle near Gharat bridge became the scene of a deadly confrontation, leaving two individuals fatally shot and another wounded. All the victims were members of the same family. Prompt response from rescue personnel led to the transfer of the deceased and injured to DHQ Khanewal. Authorities have confirmed that the incident was a grim consequence of an ongoing enmity.

Woman harassed in broad daylight

A parallel occurrence unfolded in Ahmad Pur Sharqia tehsil of Bahawalpur, where a man lost his life amidst a crossfire between two rival groups. The incident occurred within the jurisdiction of Police Station Dera Nawab Sahab, with the victim identified as Khuda Bakhsh.

In response to the Khanewal incident, IG Punjab Dr. Usman Anwar has taken notice and called for a report from RPO Multan. The IGP has further directed DPO Khanewal to assemble specialized teams to apprehend the suspects involved in these tragic incidents.

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