Official rate set for wheat flour at Rs 139.9 per kg

wheat prices

LAHORE: In a significant move, the Punjab Food Department has recently determined the official rates for wheat flour at Rs 139.9 per kg.

With the approval of the provincial cabinet, the relevant authorities issued a notification and fixed the rate of wheat at Rs 4700 per maund for mills.

For a 40-kilogram bag of wheat, the mandated rate has been fixed at 4,700 rupees, providing a standardized benchmark for transactions within the agricultural sector.

At the wholesale level, the rate for 10 kilograms of flour (atta) has been set at 1,374 rupees.

Wheat flour prices hit all-time high

Consumers can now expect to purchase a 10-kilogram bag of flour (atta) at a retail rate of 1,399 rupees, as per the newly established pricing structure.

This move, backed by a formal notification from the Punjab Food Department, is anticipated to contribute to market stability and fair trade practices within the wheat and flour industry.”

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