Black paper on number plates: offenders may face two years in jail, Rs200,000 fine

number plate tampering challan

LAHORE: Motorists caught employing black paper on their number plates will face a dual challan, according to a statement from the Punjab Safe Cities Authority (PSCA).

The first challan will be issued for the violation of traffic rules, while the second will specifically target individuals tampering with their vehicle’s number plate.

The ongoing crackdown in Lahore has led to the impoundment of more than 130 vehicles, ranging from rickshaws to motorcycles and cars.

It is emphasised that concealing or using a fake number plate constitutes a criminal act.

Under the Motor Vehicle Ordinance 97A, those found guilty of such offences may face imprisonment for up to two years and fines reaching Rs2 lakh.

This dual penalty system aims to deter and penalise individuals engaging in the illicit practices of tampering with or concealing their vehicle’s number plates.

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