Nomination of caretaker Balochistan CM still in limbo

balochistan caretaker cm

QUETTA: The parliamentary committee tasked with determining the caretaker Chief Minister for Balochistan could not reach a conclusive decision during its session late Thursday night.

Sources disclosed that the six-member parliamentary committee deliberated upon the names put forth by both the government and opposition factions for the role of caretaker Chief Minister in Balochistan. Regrettably, the committee was unable to arrive at a unanimous choice during its initial meeting.

Insiders further revealed that an additional session of the parliamentary committee has been scheduled for 2:00 pm today.

ECP asks Punjab caretaker govt to refrain from taking major policy decisions

In the event that the committee fails to attain a consensus, the matter will be referred to the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) for resolution.

Earlier, the Balochistan Assembly Speaker issued an official notification regarding the crucial session of the parliamentary committee convened to finalize the appointment of the caretaker Chief Minister.

The six-member parliamentary committee comprises outgoing Chief Minister Abdul Quddus Bizenjo, Zamrak Achakzai, and Sardar Abdul Rehman Khetran from the government’s side, whereas Abdul Wahid Siddiqui, Younus Zehri, and Ahmed Nawaz represent the opposition.

Ali Mardan Domki, Mir Usman Badini, Mir Naseer Bizenjo, and Ali Hassan Zehri have all been nominated as potential candidates for the role of caretaker Chief Minister of Balochistan.

From the Chief Minister’s faction, the committee received nominations for Mir Naseer Bizenjo and Ali Hassan Zehri, while the opposition leader submitted nominations for Ali Mardan Domki and Usman Badini.

The legal requirement mandated a decision to be made within three days following the dissolution of the provincial assembly, with August 15 marking the deadline for finalizing a suitable candidate.



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