No load shedding on election day

load-shedding election day

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has issued instructions to WAPDA authorities to ensure smooth, uninterrupted power supply across the country on election day (February 8) during polling process.

In this regard, ECP informed the WAPDA authorities in writing.

According to sources, the orders have been issued over fears that the polling process is likely to be affected due to the ongoing electricity load shedding in the country. 

Sources said ECP also instructed WAPDA to refrain from announced and unannounced load shedding across the country on polling day.

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The authorities say that they need a seamless power supply at the polling booths to allow voters, especially the elderly, to post their ballots for the party of their choice clearly and without any hindrance. Moreover, the CCTV cameras installed at the polling stations and laptops needs to function all the time, for which smooth electricity supply was imperative. 

These instructions were being issued because unannounced load shedding continues in various parts of the country.

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