New protected U-turns announced to improve traffic flow in Lahore

Lahore to get new protected U turns

LAHORE: In a significant move aimed at easing the ever-growing traffic congestion in Lahore, Chief Minister (CM) Punjab Mohsin Naqvi chaired a special meeting to address the challenges and devise effective solutions.

The meeting, attended by high-ranking officials including the Inspector General of Police, Additional IG, Secretary Construction and Communications, Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner, CCPO, CTO, and other concerned officials, focused on implementing measures to enhance traffic flow across the city.

One of the key decisions taken during the meeting was the approval to establish protected U-turns at six of the busiest intersections in Lahore.

CM Mohsin Naqvi set a deadline of January 19 for the completion of these U-turns, emphasising the urgency of the situation.

The designated locations for the new protected U-turns include Kadir Topbas Chowk, Gajju Matta Chowk, Nishtar Chowk, Khokhar Chowk, and Joray Pul Chowk.

Furthermore, the meeting addressed the longstanding issue of the Babu Sabu Toll Plaza and the decision to relocate it to further streamline traffic.

This move is expected to contribute significantly to reducing congestion in the area.

A comprehensive review of proposals to decongest Multan Road, particularly at the Thokar Niaz Baig entrance, was also conducted.

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The attendees reached a consensus on the proposal to redirect heavy traffic directly onto the M2 Motorway, a strategic step to alleviate pressure on Multan Road.

CM Mohsin Naqvi issued a directive highlighting the importance of sustainable measures to ensure a continuous and smooth flow of traffic on Multan Road.

This directive reflects a commitment to addressing the root causes of congestion and implementing long-term solutions.

The meeting concluded with a collective commitment from all stakeholders to work collaboratively and efficiently to implement the proposed measures.

With these initiatives, Lahore residents can anticipate a significant improvement in traffic conditions, providing a more seamless and convenient commuting experience in the near future.


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