Neglected Education: 12 KP varsities functioning without VCs

KP universaties

PESHAWAR: The public sector universities in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have long been grappling with the specter of administrative and financial crises due to a disturbing trend of negligence on the part of the provincial government.

With 12 government universities suffering from a lack of permanent Vice-Chancellors (VCs), and the imminent expiration of the tenure of VCs in 10 more institutions in January, it’s clear that the negligence of the government has driven these educational institutions to the brink.

For a staggering six months, the caretaker government has failed to appoint new VCs, further aggravating the dire situation. Adding fuel to the fire, sources from the Higher Education Department have revealed that Pro Vice-Chancellors remain un-appointed in four universities, a glaring example of the government’s negligence.

In the absence of these crucial administrative figures, VCs from other universities have been forced to shoulder additional responsibilities, leading to a chaotic and unsustainable system. As a result, universities across Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are facing an administrative nightmare that threatens to undermine the quality of education.

Financial crisis grips 20 universities in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

The interviews of potential Vice-Chancellors have been postponed multiple times, exacerbating the crisis, and universities continue to grapple with a sense of hopelessness and instability.

However, as the situation reaches a critical breaking point, the Higher Education Department and caretaker Chief Minister of Education, Qasim Jan, have finally vowed to expedite the appointment process. While this step is certainly a welcome one, it begs the question of why it took so long for the government to address the issue of negligence in appointing VCs.

Caretaker Chief Minister Qasim Jan acknowledged the government’s past failures, stating, “The neglect of our universities has gone on for too long, and we recognize the severe consequences. We are committed to making appointments based on merit and resolving the problems that our negligence has created. It’s high time we rectify our mistakes and provide the stability and quality education that our students deserve.”

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