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Narrow Escape: Bomb threat foiled on Awam Express

Karachi railway station

KARACHI: Security forces successfully thwarted a potential disaster as they defused a bomb planted on the Awam Express train traveling from Peshawar to Karachi’s Cantt Station.

The alarm was raised when a sweeper discovered a suspicious bag beneath seats 71 and 72 in coach number five around 9 pm upon the train’s arrival in Karachi.

Swiftly responding to the gravity of the situation, the railway administration promptly alerted law enforcement, leading to the rapid deployment of a substantial contingent of police and rangers to platform number two. The immediate sealing of the area preceded the arrival of the bomb disposal unit, which conducted a meticulous examination, revealing a five-kilogram explosive device.

The sinister sophistication of the plot became apparent as it was unveiled that the bomb, rigged with two kilograms of explosives, cleverly utilized a motorcycle battery. Operating under intense pressure, the bomb disposal squad successfully neutralized the threat, averting a potential catastrophe.

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Sources within the bomb disposal unit disclosed that the time device was equipped with an ID bomb linked to a timer, underscoring the calculated nature of the danger. Quick thinking and the prompt relay of information allowed law enforcement to swiftly neutralize the imminent threat posed by the nefarious device.

In the aftermath of this chilling incident, the police department has initiated measures to locate and interview passengers who occupied the seats directly above the suspicious bag.

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