Move to stop child marriages, municipality dept to impose stricter regulations

child marriages

LAHORE: In a pivotal decision, the municipality department has taken a firm stance against child marriages.

The department issued a directive emphasizing that if conclusive evidence of child marriage emerges, legal action will be taken against the marriage registrar involved and he will be penalized under the PEEDA Act.

According to the directive, it would be the pivotal responsibility of the marriage registrar to verify and record essential details, particularly the age of the individuals being married.

This measure aims to curtail the prevalence of child marriages and reinforce adherence to existing legal frameworks.

Specifically, the Department of Municipality, Punjab, has dispatched an official communiqué advocating for stringent enforcement of the Marriage Act of 1929.

This legislative step bolsters the effort to eradicate child marriages from the societal fabric.

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Under the Ordinance, it is mandatory for Muslim families to comprehensively complete all sections of the marriage certificate.

This inclusivity ensures that pertinent information is accurately documented and serves as a deterrent against unlawful child marriages.

Furthermore, the communication enunciates that the licenses of marriage registrars failing to uphold the mandates outlined in the Muslim Family Ordinance will face revocation.

This stringent action underscores the commitment to eradicating child marriages and underscores the seriousness with which this issue is being addressed.

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