Multiple motorways closed in Pakistan due to severe fog

NHMP issues latest update on motorways

LAHORE: Severe fog has once again disrupted travel plans for residents of Punjab, particularly those residing in cities most affected by smog, such as Lahore and its nearby areas.

As of Saturday, December 30, around 12:30 am, reports indicated that the motorway authority has implemented decisive measures in response to the reduced visibility due to intense fog—a potential hazard for motorists.

The M11 motorway, connecting Lahore to Sialkot, has been temporarily closed due to the dense fog, according to a spokesperson.

Additionally, the fog-induced closures extend to motorway M3 from Faizpur to Sarandi and motorway M14 from Indus.

The northbound traffic at the M5 Rahim Yar Khan interchange has been brought to a halt. The stretch of M4 motorway from Shershah Multan to Shamkot, as well as from Shamkot to Pindi Bhatian, is closed to heavy traffic.

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Similarly, the sections of the M5 motorway from Sher Shah Multan to Zahirpir and the M3 from Faizpur Junction to Darkhana are temporarily shut.

To manage the situation, traffic diversions have been implemented at the M2 and M3 motorway junctions, as confirmed by the spokesperson.

These measures have been implemented to ensure the safety of motorists amid challenging weather conditions.


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