Sindh announces reconditioned motorcycles for theft victims

motorcycle theft sindh

KARACHI: Sindh Governor Kamran Khan Tessori has introduced an initiative to assist motorcycle owners in Karachi and throughout the province who fell victim to theft or snatching incidents in October, November, and December 2023.

In a press conference held at the Governor House on Monday, Tessori outlined the details of this new scheme, underscoring its potential impact on those affected.

Addressing the media, Tessori explained that individuals who experienced motorcycle theft or snatching during the specified period can benefit from this initiative.

To avail themselves of the opportunity, victims are required to submit their First Information Reports (FIRs) to the Governor House, following verification by the Citizens-Police Liaison Committee.

Expressing empathy for those who have endured the loss of their hard-earned motorcycles, the governor underscored the financial challenges faced by many victims who are unable to replace their stolen possessions.

Tessori highlighted his commitment to alleviating their plight without burdening public funds. To achieve this, he announced plans to collaborate with philanthropists and charities, including the JDC, to procure reconditioned motorcycles for the affected individuals.

In the initial phase of the scheme, 2,000 people are slated to receive reconditioned motorbikes.

Furthermore, the governor disclosed that a subsequent stage will extend support to individuals who lost their mobile phones in snatching incidents, ensuring they receive replacement devices.

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