Money heist: woman vanishes after depriving airport staff of millions


ISLAMABAD: A 36-year-old Airport Security Force (ASF) employee, Sonia Naz, dubbed as the ‘Double Shah’ in reference to the notorious modaraba scandal, is alleged to have accumulated millions of rupees before disappearing from Pakistan in 2017. Remarkably, none of her alleged victims have come forward to register a case.

ASF Director General (DG) Ali Abbas Haider, based in Karachi, initiated an inquiry into the allegations. However, those affected have been reluctant to cooperate. An inside source revealed that the aggrieved parties did not come forward fearing the investigation might expose the origins of their own assets.”

Corporal Sonia Naz, believed to be of Afghan origin but holding a Pakistani Computerised National Identity Card (CNIC), reportedly identified officials with disproportionate wealth. Mimicking the tactics of the original ‘Double Shah’, she is said to have enticed them with lucrative investment returns. Her list of alleged victims also includes airport shops and restaurant owners.

Official records show that Naz joined the ASF in 2002, serving at Karachi Airport before getting transferred to Islamabad International Airport the same year. Her CNIC lists her birth year as 1981 and her hometown as Dera Ismael Khan. However, when this address was checked, residents there denied having knowledge of Naz or her family.

In 2016, Naz travelled to the United States for training and reportedly established ties with notable businessmen and politicians. Insider information suggests that Naz convinced colleagues to invest with her, promising high returns.

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The ASF’s ongoing investigation has revealed that Naz may have fraudulently obtained advance salaries from the National Bank of Pakistan’s Airport Branch. Many of those allegedly defrauded by Naz remain silent, potentially fearing scrutiny of their own financial dealings.

Investigations have found that three ASF officials entrusted her with Rs50 million, yet they are hesitant to file complaints.

A colleague of Naz has claimed that “Sonia Naz had been operating as the ‘Double Shah’ for years, building a reputation among airport staff,” further adding that, “her clientele included all sorts of people including government employees, private workers, businessmen, and politicians.”

It is estimated that she fled with savings of over 400 individuals with no government department currently pursuing the case actively.

Many of the victims have seemingly come to terms with the loss as their fate.

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