CM Punjab inaugurates new Misaq Centre in Kahna, Lahore

Misaq Centre Lahore Kahna

LAHORE: The Chief Minister (CM) of Punjab, Mohsin Naqvi, expressed his gratitude during the inauguration ceremony of the newly established Misaq centre in Kahna, Lahore.

He extended his thanks to the Provincial Ministers, Chief Secretary, IG Punjab, Maulana Abdul Khabir Azad, Archbishop, and all other attendees.

Reflecting on the Jardanwala incident, Naqvi emphasised the importance of resolving disputes and problems through on-the-spot reconciliation. He acknowledged that the idea of Misaq Centres emerged from the suggestions made by the IG Police on the day of the Jardanwala incident.

Commending the swift establishment of Misaq Centres, Naqvi credited the entire team for completing a significant centre on December 25th. He highlighted that these service centres aim to provide various facilities to every citizen.

Naqvi shared a notable achievement, stating that one crore driving licences were issued in Punjab in the year 2023, setting a record compared to the 65 lakh licences issued in the past 50 years. He stressed the importance of obtaining a licence for driving, emphasising that it is a global norm.

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Providing updates on law enforcement, Naqvi mentioned the ongoing upgradation of 737 police stations, with a focus on improving the basic rooms of each station. He expressed gratitude for having a dedicated team that collaborates effectively.

Additionally, Naqvi informed the audience about the construction of about 40 new police stations, highlighting the collaborative efforts of IG, SMBR, and the Chief Secretary in securing land for these stations.

During his visit to the Sanda police station, Naqvi expressed concern about its condition and issued instructions for relocation. He reiterated the significance of mutual consultation and teamwork in addressing various challenges.

Concluding his speech, Naqvi expressed confidence that the ongoing projects would be successfully completed, emphasising the commitment to progress and collaboration.


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