Minor boy alleges gang rape in Tharparkar District

gang rape

HYDERABAD: An 11-year-old boy has alleged that he was raped by three men in the village of Dilan Jo Tarh, situated within the Chelhar rural town of Tharparkar district.

The family of the young victim has reported the incident to local authorities, accusing three individuals named Khuda Bux Dal, Javed Dal, and Zahid Dal of molesting the boy in an area of bushes just outside the village.

According to the family, the accused individuals deceived the boy into leaving the village with them, falsely claiming they needed to retrieve solar plates. The family also claims that they had sought help from village elders before going to the police but received no assistance.

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In response to media coverage of the incident, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Tharparkar Ali Mardan Khoso has instructed the police to take immediate action against the accused and launch a thorough investigation.

Following these directives, the police have ordered the accused not to leave the village until the medical examination of the 11-year-old, who is a sixth-grade student, is completed.

The family has additionally reported that they are facing pressure to withdraw their police complaint.

Meanwhile, the accused individuals have informed local media that their political rivals are making false allegations to tarnish their reputation. They maintain that the boy’s medical report will reveal the truth.

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