Matriculation result irregularity: Sindh govt forms investigative committee

karachi board matric students

KARACHI – The Sindh government has initiated an investigation into alleged irregularities in the results of the matriculation examinations, according to an official notification.

Chief Secretary, in response to the concerns, has constituted a 3-member investigation committee, with Secretary Education Sindh appointed as its chairperson.

The committee’s primary mandate is to examine the current matriculation results and assess any alterations that may have occurred.

Additionally, the committee is tasked with providing recommendations to prevent future changes to the results. The notification also specifies that the committee will identify the individuals, including officers and employees, responsible for any potential tampering with the results.

Karachi Board 2nd year result next week

The investigation is expected to be completed within a 14-day timeframe, with the final report to be submitted to the Chief Secretary.

Irregularities in the 2023 matriculation results came to light three days after the Karachi Board of Secondary Education officially announced them. Several discrepancies in the results pattern were reported, reminiscent of similar issues observed in the previous year (2022). A significant number of students received identical marks, and there were instances where high-paying students introduced “golden numbers” such as 999 and 888.

According to the marks sheet, 407 students received 999 marks, 885 students received 888 marks, while 839 students received 901 marks. Moreover, 907 students were awarded 877 marks, and 912 students received 905 marks.

The Acting Director of Exams at the Karachi Secondary Board has refuted these claims, asserting that it is not possible to manipulate the results and maintaining that the examinations were conducted transparently. Imran Tariq, in charge of the examinations, vowed to thoroughly investigate the matter and take appropriate action against anyone found to be involved.

The investigation report will be submitted to higher authorities, as confirmed by the Deputy Controller of Examinations.

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