Man arrested for allegedly burning minor daughter to death


KARACHI: Karachi police have arrested a man for allegedly murdering his one-and-a half-year-old daughter after she failed to fetch enough money from begging.

The Korangi Zaman Town police said that the case has been registered against the murderer under section 302 (intentional murder)

The police have taken the accused, Mohammad Chand, into custody based on the complaint of the victim’s grandmother.

According to Urdu News, during the initial investigation, the accused confessed to burning his daughter, Fiza, to death to fulfill his temptation for demanding more begging.

“The one-and a half-year-old struggled for eight days before she succumbed to her injuries on Thursday,” the police said.

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The girl’s grandmother, Naheed Bibi, said that her son-in-law Mohammad Chand, is addicted to drugs. “He begs for money himself and also forces his wife and daughter to beg,” she said.

She said that on the morning of July 26, Chand forcibly took Fiza from their house to beg.

“We didn’t want to give the child to him because a few days ago, he had burned the girl’s foot. We were afraid that as a drug addict, he might cause further harm to the child,” she said.

She added, “Chand told us that he was taking the child to the Sindh Government Hospital. My daughter followed him, but he didn’t stop and took the child with him. When he brought the child back to our house the next day, she was in a terrible condition. She was badly burnt and in immense pain.”

“We immediately rushed her to the Korangi Hospital. The doctors informed us that she had been severely burnt and had deep wounds due to burning. Her condition was critical, and she couldn’t drink milk or eat anything before she die,” she added.

She demanded that the father, who is involved in the innocent child’s murder, should be severely punished under the law.

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