Man allegedly kills ‘son-in-law’ for court marrying his daughter

Paris knife attack wounds three people

Trigger warning: Murder

PASRUR: A man in Pasrur, allegedly murdered his ‘son-in-law’ following a court marriage with his daughter.

According to details, that 19-year-old Aiman Akhtar, a resident of the Langley village in Gujrat befriend Husnain Ali, a labourer from Jassoran village in Pasrur, through an online PUBG game. The connection between them led to a court marriage on November 30, 2023.

Aiman’s father, identified as Akhtar and residing in Saudi Arabia, allegedly abducted Husnain Ali upon his return. The Badiana police station registered a case of abduction, and subsequently, the dead body of Husnain Ali was recovered within the jurisdiction of the Mangwal police station in Gujrat.

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After completing the necessary legal formalities, the authorities handed over the deceased’s body to his grieving family.

The police are investiagting the case.

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