Machar Colony in Karachi shook in devastating cylinder explosion

balochistan blast

KARACHI: In a shocking turn of events, Machar Colony in Karachi experienced a catastrophic explosion today, leaving one dead and seven injured, including children. Eyewitnesses recount a terrifying scene as the blast shook the entire area, causing significant damage to a building housing an LPG filling station on the ground floor.

Muhammad Mian, an eyewitness who sustained injuries in the incident, spoke exclusively to Hum News, providing a harrowing account of the moments leading up to and following the explosion. He described the impact, stating, “As soon as the explosion took place, the entire area shook.

The building that was affected had an LPG filling station on the ground floor. When there was an explosion in the filling station, the roof of the building was also blown off, and the debris and the door were blown away.”

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The structure’s roof, composed of tile beams on the first level and cement sheets on the second, succumbed to the force of the explosion. The aftermath of the incident has resulted in one confirmed fatality, and seven individuals, including children, have been transported to the civil hospital for medical attention.

Rescue sources revealed that among the injured, one child is in critical condition, raising concerns about the potential long-term effects of the blast. The cause of the explosion is currently under investigation, with authorities looking into the circumstances surrounding the LPG filling station on the premises.

Emergency response teams and local authorities are actively engaged in managing the aftermath of the incident, providing medical assistance, and securing the area. The community is grappling with shock and grief as they come to terms with the unexpected tragedy that has unfolded in their neighborhood.

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