Road safety alert: motorways closed as fog maintains its grip in Punjab

motorway closed due to fog in Punjab

LAHORE: The plains of Punjab find themselves shrouded in an unyielding blanket of fog, disrupting travel plans and prompting precautionary measures.

As of the latest reports, Motorway M2, stretching from Lahore to Kot Sarwar, has been officially closed due to reduced visibility caused by the persistent fog.

The closure was confirmed by a spokesman for the Motorway Police, who emphasized the primary concern for public safety and the need to ensure secure travel conditions.

In addition to the M2 closure, the Lahore-Sialkot Motorway has also been shut down in response to the challenging weather conditions.

“Motorway closures are implemented to safeguard commuters from potential hazards associated with low visibility during foggy conditions,” stated the Motorway Police spokesman.

As a precautionary measure, road users are strongly advised to plan their journeys during daylight hours to maximise visibility.

Furthermore, the spokesman urged drivers to activate both front and rear fog lights to enhance their visibility to other road users.

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In light of the challenging conditions, the Motorway Police spokesperson advised road users to consider the necessity of their travels and encouraged them to refrain from unnecessary journeys until the weather improves.

The collaborative effort of road users in adhering to these precautions will contribute significantly to ensuring a safe and secure road network during this period of persistent fog.

The situation is being continuously monitored, and updates regarding the reopening of the affected motorways will be communicated to the public promptly.

Commuters are urged to stay informed and exercise caution while travelling in the affected regions.


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