LHC Justice Shahid Jamil resigns, citing personal reasons

Justice Shahid Jamil resigns

LAHORE: Justice Shahid Jamil Khan of the Lahore High Court (LHC) tendered his resignation on Friday, citing personal reasons for his departure.

Justice Khan, who held the 11th most senior position at the LHC, submitted his resignation to the president of Pakistan on February 2. The unexpected move has raised eyebrows, given Justice Khan’s tenure was expected to continue until April 29, 2028, upon reaching the age of superannuation.

The resignation letter also has some couplets from Iqbal’s Zarb-e-Kaleem, translated as follows:

A free manʹs breath can match a subject year,
How slowly moves the time of serfs, is clear!
The thoughts of persons free with truth are lit,
But thoughts of slaves do not own sense a bit.
A slave has craze for marvels wrought by guides
Himself a wonder ʹlive, his memory fresh abides.
About the self here have no talk, O bard,
Because with schools such sermons do not accord.

Elevated to the LHC on March 22, 2014, Justice Khan’s decision to step down has left both the legal fraternity and the public in a state of speculation.

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Sources from the LHC revealed that Justice Khan had been on leave for over a month before formally resigning. The nature of his extended leave and the sudden decision to quit have added an air of mystery to the circumstances surrounding his departure.

The legal community has been witnessing a series of resignations in recent days, with notable departures including those of Justice Mazahar Ali Akbar Naqvi and Justice Ijazul Ahsan of the Supreme Court. Justice Ijazul Ahsan cited unspecified reasons for his departure. He had been slated to assume the role of chief justice in October of this year.

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