LHC halts deportation of Afghan national

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LAHORE: In a significant legal development, the Lahore High Court (LHC) issued an order on Monday to stay the possible deportation of an Afghan national, Saddam Hussain. The decision came in response to a petition filed by Fauzia Muhammad, the wife of the Afghan national, challenging the imminent deportation of her husband.

Fauzia Muhammad, a Pakistani citizen by birth, has been married to Saddam Hussain for six years. The court’s intervention followed a telephone call received by Hussain from the police instructing him to leave Pakistan, aligning with the official policy of deporting Afghan nationals residing in the country back to their homeland.

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It’s crucial to note that Afghan nationals are not eligible for birthright citizenship in Pakistan. Despite being married to a Pakistani citizen, Saddam Hussain has applied for citizenship through the Ministry of Interior, and his application is currently pending.

Justice A. B. Najafi, presiding over the case, took a decisive step by restraining federal authorities from proceeding with the deportation of Fauzia Muhammad’s husband. Given that Hussain is awaiting a decision on his citizenship application from the Ministry of Interior, Justice Najafi has called for a response from the federal government and other relevant authorities by December 21st.

This legal development underscores the complexities surrounding the status of Afghan nationals in Pakistan and the judicial scrutiny of deportation policies, adding a layer of significance to the ongoing legal proceedings.

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