Leepa Valley hydel project faces crisis due to sudden inundation

Leepa Valley

LEEPA VALLEY (AJ&K): In a shocking turn of events, the Leepa Valley Hydel Project’s 2 MW Power House experienced severe disruption due to an unexpected inundation during routine maintenance activities. The incident, which occurred today at 11 o’clock, resulted in the entire building being flooded, forcing maintenance staff to make a daring escape.

The Valley’s Union Council is now shrouded in complete darkness as the power outage affects the region. According to a spokesperson from the Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJ&K) Power Development Organisation (PDO) department, the maintenance staff was diligently working when water suddenly gushed in from the dam, creating a chaotic situation.

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The PDO department, in a commendable display of quick thinking and strategic measures, managed to avert further catastrophe. The employees involved in the maintenance operation narrowly escaped, facing considerable difficulty in the process.

The spokesperson of the PDO department stated that the timely intervention and excellent strategy employed by their team saved both valuable resources and the hydel project’s infrastructure, preventing potential losses amounting to crores of rupees.

The department assures the public that electricity will be restored within two to three days.

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