Lahore witnesses surge in motorcycle, car thefts

motorcycle car thefts

LAHORE: There has been a 25 per cent increase in car and motorcycle thefts in Lahore in the past eight months compared to the same period last year. According to police data, a total of 23,909 incidents of motorcycle, car, and vehicle thefts were reported in the last eight months.

Lahore witnessed 2,988 cases of motorcycle and car thefts and snatchings each month last year. On a daily basis, 99 residents reported being deprived of their vehicles, according to police statistics.

As per the police records, in the past eight months, 20,773 motorcycles were stolen, and 1,115 were snatched. Additionally, there were 387 car thefts and 10 car-snatching incidents reported during this period.

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Apart from cars and motorcycles, there were 40 reported cases of theft involving other types of vehicles, according to police data.


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