Lahore Safari Zoo to close for renovations

safari park

LAHORE: The Lahore Safari Zoo is scheduled to temporarily close its doors for a period of three months, starting from November 10, as part of an ambitious renovation and upgrade project.

The authorities have allocated an estimated budget of 2.6 billion rupees for this substantial undertaking, which is expected to reach completion by January 31, 2024.

Renovation on the cards for Lahore zoo and Safari Park

As part of this renovation initiative, the project director has disclosed plans to introduce 11 new wild animals into the zoo.

To enhance the animals’ well-being, specially designed enclosures and habitats will be constructed to mimic their natural environments, ensuring they have a more authentic and comfortable living experience.

Additionally, the renovation project includes the development of captivating attractions, such as an African safari, a desert safari, and the creation of a salt range within the Safari park.

These enhancements are expected to elevate the overall visitor experience and the zoo’s status as a premier wildlife destination.

Please bear in mind that the Lahore Safari Zoo is a different entity than Safari Park Karachi and operates indepedently of it. The google maps coordinates of Lahore Safari Zoo can be reached here.

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