Lahore Ring Road Southern Loop 3 project on track for timely completion

Lahore ring road southern loop 3 project

LAHORE: The Chief Minister (CM) of Punjab, Mohsin Naqvi, conducted a thorough inspection of the Lahore Ring Road Southern Loop 3 Project on Tuesday.

The 8-kilometre-long project, situated along Maraka Multan Road, received meticulous scrutiny from the Chief Minister as he provided essential directives for its prompt completion.

Expressing optimism during the visit, CM Naqvi underscored that the Ring Road Southern Loop 3’s completion would significantly enhance transportation facilities for the general public.

The anticipated completion date has been set for January 31, with the government keen on delivering the project within the stipulated timeframe.

Addressing concerns related to project execution, the Chief Minister emphasised adherence to high standards and issued instructions to the Commissioner Lahore to expedite matters with Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO).

FWO officials provided a detailed briefing on the project’s progress, outlining the challenges faced, particularly those attributed to weather conditions.

CM Naqvi, in his media interaction post-inspection, acknowledged the impact of weather-related challenges on the project’s timeline. He specifically highlighted the time-consuming dehumidification process, causing unavoidable delays in the project’s execution.

Despite these hurdles, CM Naqvi assured the public of his continuous efforts to ensure the timely completion of projects. He emphasised round-the-clock monitoring by provincial ministers and designated teams to overcome obstacles efficiently.

Touching on broader governmental ambitions, CM Naqvi expressed confidence in surpassing current accomplishments.

He addressed ongoing challenges in the Central Business District (CBD) project, mentioning an ongoing meeting to address concerns and streamline the project’s progress.

Naqvi concluded his remarks by stressing the government’s unwavering commitment to maintaining quality work, irrespective of criticism.

Additionally, he highlighted the crucial role of the Election Commission in making security decisions, particularly in light of recent security issues in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa.

Both the Chief Minister and the Governor are actively providing feedback to the Election Commission to ensure robust security measures are in place.

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