Know your constituency: HUM News launches Pakistan’s biggest Election Portal


Hum News proudly announces the launch of Pakistan’s biggest election portal. This effort by HUM News marks a significant step towards providing comprehensive and accessible election-related information to our viewers and readers.

The salient features of the portal include:


Delimitations have been derived from actual yearly data, resulting in ten maps – five each for national assembly constituencies and provincial constituencies spanning the years 2002, 2008, 2013, 2018, and 2024.

Unified User Interface:

The two separate designs catering to desktop and smartphone users have been seamlessly merged into one, ensuring an optimal user experience.

Dynamic Linking:

This portal establishes links between the results of constituency numbers and their corresponding constituencies in previous years, irrespective of any changes that may have occurred.

Consolidation Panels:

Two panels, situated on either side, enable the consolidation of data based on political party positions or geographical locations.

Real-time Updates:

On election day, the portal will provide real-time updates, ensuring that users have access to the latest and accurate information.

Built-in Search Engine:

An in-built search engine facilitates easy retrieval of information related to parties, candidates, and constituencies.

Hum News encourages viewers to explore and utilise the Hum News Election Portal, which promises to be an effective tool in empowering users with comprehensive visual and numerical data not only for the forthcoming Elections of 2024 but also historical data from the last four General Elections in Pakistan.

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