Karachi University’s canteen sealed

Karachi university's canteen

KARACHI: Karachi University’s canteen has been sealed and fined Rs 2 lakh for substandard conditions and serving unhygienic food.

The University’s canteen recently underwent a surprise inspection by the Sindh Food Authority, revealing substandard conditions. Additionally, the canteen was promptly sealed by the authorities.

The Director General of the Sindh Food Authority took further steps by meeting with the Vice Chancellor of Karachi University to address the situation.

Following discussions, an agreement was reached wherein the canteen management committed to adhering to the regulations set forth by the Sindh Food Authority.

This development underscores the importance of maintaining hygienic and quality standards in food establishments, particularly those catering to students and faculty within educational institutions. Such interventions by regulatory bodies are crucial for ensuring the health and well-being of consumers.

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