Karachi police arrests eight Afghan nationals

karachi police

KARACHI: Karachi police apprehended eight illegal Afghan residents on Saturday from various locations including Machar Colony, Al-Asif Square, and nearby areas.

According to ARY News, a targeted operation was carried out to make the arrests. It involved a house-to-house search under Superintendent of Police (SP) Chaudhry Sohail of Sohrab Goth.

“Our primary focus was to ensure the safety and security of the community while upholding the rule of law,” SP Chaudhry Sohail said.

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He pointed out that the operation was not only intended to identify illegal residents, but also to address any potential threats that might compromise the well-being of the local residents.

The search operation also involved a comprehensive check of the details and identities of suspected individuals. It made use of modern search applications to confirm immigration statuses.

SP Sohail said that they also included the employment of women searchers. This was to make sure they were respecting cultural sensitivities and adhering to ethical search practices.

After the successful operation, a case was registered against those arrested. He said this marks a significant step towards ensuring accountability and transparency in the legal process.

SP Sohail said that the police are committed to carrying out a thorough interrogation of the detained individuals.

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