Karachi fisherman hits overnight jackpot with rare Shawa catch

Pakistan’s fishing

KARACHI: In an extraordinary twist of fate, Haji Baloch, a humble fisherman, found himself catapulted into the ranks of millionaires overnight.

His fortune took an unexpected turn when he successfully hauled in the elusive Shawa fish, also known as herring fish, renowned not for its culinary appeal but for its unique utility.

Termed the “golden Shawa fish,” this rare species holds immense value as it is a key ingredient in the production of surgical thread.

Haji Baloch embarked on his routine fishing expedition, unaware that destiny had singled him out on a day when 1,600 of these precious fish would grace his net.

The elation was palpable as Haji Baloch beheld his net teeming with Shawa fish, each carrying a price tag ranging from Rs70,000 to 100,000. Simple arithmetic unveils the staggering value of his catch, amounting to a whopping Rs160 million.

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Beyond the monetary windfall, the Shawa fish’s significance lies in its saturated fat, a crucial component utilized in crafting surgical threads.

Haji Baloch’s unexpected fortune not only transformed his economic standing but also underscored the unpredictable miracles that can unfold in the life of a dedicated fisherman.

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