Kalashnikov culture has wreaked havoc in Pakistan, says CJP


ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court has summoned details of licenses issued for prohibited-bore weapons from authorities while hearing a case with regard to stolen arms on Wednesday.

“Pakistan has to get rid of the Kalashnikov culture,” Chief Justice Qazi Faez Isa remarked. The Supreme Court issued notices to the Secretary Interior as well as provincial secretaries, Police IGs, the Attorney General and Advocate Generals.

“The police even didn’t ask about arms license from the owner during arms theft investigation,” CJP remarked. “The owner himself confesses crime”.

Two Kalashnikovs, a pistol and other valuables were stolen in the theft, chief justice said, adding, “I was also offered to get Kalashnikov license.”

“Drugs and Kalashnikovs have wreaked havoc in Pakistan,” CJP remarked, adding, “No one stroll in the world carrying Kalashnikovs in big automobiles with tinted glasses”. The Chief Justice also asked the petitioner on how did he get Kalashnikov.

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“We are writing to the secretary interior to take back Kalashnikovs and their licenses,” CJP said.

Commenting on presence of weapons in everyday life, chief justice said that people carrying Kalashnikov standing everywhere when a person visits a school or market. “If they are afraid then restrict them to homes or they go out to scare other people,” CJP said.

“Security guards seen standing outside of homes with Kalashnikovs in Islamabad. When people go out of home carrying Kalashnikovs in cars with tinted glasses, police don’t have dare to question them,” he observed.

The CJP expressed resentment with the KP Police over failing to question about arms license in arms theft case. “Keeping arms without license is crime but the police didn’t ask the owner about license,” he said.

The court granted bail to the accused for Rs 50,000 security deposit. A three-member bench of the Supreme Court headed by Chief Justice Qazi Faez Isa, heard the case. – INP

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