Justice Ijaz ul Ahsan concerned over ‘hasty proceedings’against Justice Mazahar Ali Naqvi

Justice Ijaz ul Ahsan

ISLAMABAD: Supreme court judge Justice Ijaz ul Ahsan, who is also a member of the Supreme Judicial Council (SJC) that is seized with the proceedings against fellow judge Justice Mazahar Ali Naqvi on alleged misconduct, has expressed concerns, stating that the council’s proceedings were being carried out against Justice Naqvi in unnecessary haste and contrary to established norms.

In a letter that emerged on Tuesday, Justice Ijaz ul Ahsan emphasized the need for the council to exercise its constitutional powers with utmost caution.

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He further said that any action against a judge should only be taken after thorough consideration, especially in cases where there is a disagreement among council members. “I strongly disagree with the manner in which the council is currently conducting its proceedings,” he added.

“The allegations leveled against Justice Mazahar Naqvi are baseless and meritless,” he added.

Justice Ahsan pointed out that the majority of allegations against Justice Mazahar Naqvi revolve around property and its transactions. He emphasized that Justice Mazahar Naqvi’s son is not considered a dependent, and his property is also implicated in the allegations.

Earlier, Justice Mazahar Naqvi had written an open letter to Chief Justice of Pakistan Qazi Faez Isa and other judges raising questions on the proceedings of the Supreme Judicial Council against him in an alleged corruption reference.

While addressing the chief justice, Justice Naqvi had questioned whether he has been able to exonerate his honour and do away with the cloud of uncertainty that hangs over his and the judiciary’s repute?

In the letter, Justice Mazahar Naqvi had said: “I would not have written this letter in the interest of the preservation of the integrity – that which is left – of the institution where you and I hold public office had these been normal circumstances. The volume of the misinformation surrounding the matter of my case before the Supreme Judicial Council (“SJC”) is astounding. I write to you today to dispel with that misinformation, to bring to your attention the unfortunate details, to bring on record the evidence of the obstruction of justice within the Supreme Court – no one shall have the privilege to plead ignorance in this matter should the opportunity come tomorrow.”

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