Jirga orders killing of Kohistani girl for viral video


MANSEHRA: In a distressing incident reminiscent of the 2011 tragedy that claimed the lives of five girls in Kohistan, a young girl has been reportedly killed on the directives of a local jirga, as confirmed by a senior police officer on Sunday, Dawn news reported.

The victim, identified as one of two girls seen dancing with local boys in a video that went viral on social media platforms, was targeted based on a decree issued by the jirga, according to Masood Khan, the Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) in Kolai-Palas, situated 150km northwest of Mansehra.

DSP Khan stated that the victim’s body has been transferred from the crime scene to a nearby health facility for autopsy. Another girl, also featured in the video, was rescued by the police due to perceived threats to her life. Despite this, a senior civil judge allowed her to return home with her father, dismissing any immediate danger to her safety.

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The boys appearing in the viral videos, who also now fear reprisals, have gone into hiding. The videos and photos, seemingly manipulated, gained traction on social media platforms three to four days ago, revealed DSP Khan.

In accordance with local tradition, the jirga declared those depicted in the circulated images as ‘chor’ (thieves) and sanctioned their killing. An FIR has been registered, with the police committed to bringing both the instigators of the assassination decree and those involved in its execution to justice, as confirmed by the police official.

The FIR has been filed by SHO Noor Mohammad Khan. Notably, the victim’s family did not initially approach the police to register the case.

The incident mirrors a similar tragedy a decade ago when a viral video featuring local girls cheering for a dancing boy led to the alleged killing of all five women in the video, along with the boy’s four brothers, based on the orders of a local jirga.

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