Travel advisory issued as motorways close amidst widespread fog

is motorway m2 open today

LAHORE: Motorways across various regions experienced closures today due to the dense fog that engulfed the plains of the country.

The Motorway Police spokesperson highlighted that the decision to close the motorways was made in response to the challenging visibility conditions, with some areas experiencing zero visibility.

Specifically, the Motorway M2 route was closed from the Islamabad Toll Plaza to Thokar Niaz Baig due to the heavy fog.

In addition, Motorway M3 saw closures from the Faizpur Interchange to Darkhana, while M4 was closed from Faisalabad to Pindi Bhattian Interchange.

Motorway M5 faced closures from Zahir Peer to Uch Sharif, as well as Rahim Yar Khan to Rohri. Furthermore, M11 was completely closed for all traffic from Mehmood Booti to Sambrial Toll Plaza.

The spokesperson emphasized that these closures are a precautionary measure aimed at ensuring public safety and secure travel.

Citizens are advised to plan their journeys during daylight hours, particularly between 10 am and 6 pm, which is considered the optimal period during foggy weather.

To enhance safety on the roads, the spokesperson recommended that drivers use both front and rear fog lights, maintain a proper distance from the vehicle in front, and avoid excessive speeding.

For any information or assistance, individuals can also contact the National Highway helpline at 130.

These measures are essential to navigate the challenging weather conditions and contribute to a safer travel experience for all road users.

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