Imran Khan’s assets increased by over Rs277m in five years

Imran Khan cipher case

ISLAMABAD: Former PTI chairman and prime minister Imran Khan’s assets increased by more than Rs277.25 million in the past five years, according to his nomination papers submitted to the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).

The papers show that Imran Khan’s assets were worth Rs38.69 million in 2018, and rose to Rs315.91 million in 2023.

Khan has gotten a house in Zaman Park Lahore as inheritence, and 300 kanals of land in Bani Gala, Islamabad, which he received as a gift.

Imran Khan spent Rs48.6 million on the construction of the house in Zaman Park, and Rs3.9 million on the upkep and regularization of the house in Bani Gala.

The former prime minister mentioned in the nomination papers that in Mehra Noor area of Islamabad, he has 6 kanals 16 marlas of land worth more than Rs5 million, a shop in Islamabad’s shopping plaza worth more than Rs120 million and a flat of two rooms in Islamabad’s plaza worth more than Rs30.40 million.

The former prime minister also inherited 188 kanals of land in Bhakkar, and disclosed 698 kanals of land in Pakpattan and Dipalpur in the name of his wife, Bushra Bibi. He also owns a three-kanal house in Bani Gala in her name.

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Imran Khan has more than Rs31.5 million in cash and more than Rs60 million in various bank accounts. He does not own any vehicle, but has four goats worth Rs0.2 million and valuables worth Rs11.87 million purchased from Tosha Khana.

Imran Khan’s educational qualification is BA in political science, and his current occupation is philanthropist, according to the papers.

The former prime minister had declared assets worth Rs141.6m to the FBR in 2021, and Rs315.9m in 2023.

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