PM to be invited for inauguration of Imamia Colony overhead bridge in Lahore

Imamia Colony overhead bridge open

LAHORE: In a bid to ensure the swift and efficient progress of various development projects, the Chief Minister (CM) Mohsin Naqvi chaired the 8th meeting of the Planning and Development Board on Thursday.

Employing drone footage to assess the status of ongoing initiatives, the CM underscored the paramount importance of timely completion while maintaining uncompromised quality standards.

During the meeting, it was revealed that an invitation would be extended to the Prime Minister for the inauguration of the Imamia Colony overhead bridge scheduled for the upcoming month.

The Chief Minister issued directives to expedite the completion of several key projects, encompassing the Faisalabad, Abdullahpur, and Multan-Shujaabad flyovers, the University of Gujranwala, and the upgradation of Lahore Zoo and Safari Zoo.

A notable announcement highlighted the completion of nine bridges on Lahore Ring Road SL-III, Multan Road interchange, toll plaza, and the main carriageway by January 31.

The comprehensive progress review extended to Allied Hospital Faisalabad, Ganga Ram Hospital, and Holy Family Hospital’s upgrades. The imminent opening of the Fatima Jinnah Institute of Dental Sciences this month was also highlighted.

CM Naqvi directed the completion of Nishter Hospital’s indoor ward repair by January 31, with subsequent attention to its OPD, emergency, and associated projects.

Significant strides were reported in the completion of Allama Iqbal Hospital Sialkot’s gynaecology ward, general OPD, admin block, urology ward, and the first floor.

The meeting also addressed the repair and maintenance status of Bahawal Victoria Hospital, Lahore’s Children Hospital, and General Hospital.

Acknowledging the progress, the meeting highlighted that Lahore Zoo’s parking area, bridge, animal and bird houses, cafeteria, and washroom are poised for completion within a week.

Similarly, imminent completion is expected for Safari Zoo’s animal houses, hospital, roadworks, salt range, parking, food court, and information office.

The Chief Minister concluded the meeting with a resolute commitment to overseeing the timely realisation of these projects, ensuring a positive impact on the region’s overall development.

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