CM Punjab sets deadline for completion of Lahore’s Imamia Colony Flyover project

Imamia Colony Flyover project completion date

LAHORE: Chief Minister (CM) of Punjab Mohsin Naqvi addressed the media following his inspection of the Imamia Colony Flyover Project in Lahore.

He stated that he is personally overseeing the construction of the Imamia Colony’s Flyover Project, ensuring its timely conclusion. Furthermore, the CM is in communication with the Prime Minister regarding the project’s completion.

The contractor, as per CM Punjab Mohsin Naqvi, has assured that the Imamia Colony flyover project will be finished by January 15. Once completed, the Prime Minister is scheduled to inaugurate Imamia Colony next month.

CM Punjab Mohsin Naqvi highlighted that Imamia Colony will transform into the Milkar Corridor with the addition of the Flyover Project and Shahdara Flyover. The Imamia Colony Flyover Bridge is designed with 8 lanes, as informed by Chief Minister Naqvi.

Due to foggy conditions, the traffic on the Sialkot and M2 motorways is currently closed, resulting in congestion in the area, as conveyed by CM Punjab Mohsin Naqvi. He emphasised the need to upgrade the old road to benefit the public.

CM Punjab Mohsin Naqvi engaged with the National Highway Authority (NHA) and the contractor to expedite the completion of the Imamia Colony flyover project by January 15, aiming to provide relief to the local residents.

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Expressing optimism, CM Naqvi stated that the team is working towards the inauguration by January 15. However, the fog is causing traffic delays in the area.

Furthermore, the Bund Road project in Lahore is anticipated to be completed by January 31.

CM Naqvi commended the joint efforts of the team, resulting in projects being completed ahead of schedule. He also mentioned a court order preventing accused individuals from submitting nomination papers.

Regarding encroachments, CM Punjab explained that the crackdown has been relaxed during Quaid Day and the Christmas holidays but will intensify after Christmas.

He assured me that there will be a noticeable reduction in illegal encroachments in Lahore soon.

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